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Interview with Bernard Courtieu appears in La Tribune

Florence Pinaud’s interview with IntegraGen CEO Bernard Courtieu as a part of her story on newer genetic sequencing technologies, potential ethical issues associated with genetic sequencing, and the need for advanced data processing in association with these technologies appears (…)  » 

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EEI-Biotech Finance interviews Bernard Courtieu

Bernard Courtieu, CEO of IntegraGen, is interviewed by EEI – Biotech for Finance. Mr. Courtieu discusses IntegraGen’s role in the sequencing of liver tumors as a part of a recent publication announcing the identification of a new virus involved in the development of liver cancer. 

The interview (…)  » 

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miR-31-3p oncology biomarker data to be presented at ASCO 2015

Data from two studies reporting results from clinical studies with IntegraGen’s miR-31-3p biomarker is scheduled to be presented during the 51st Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) being held in Chicago on May 29 through June 2, 2015.

The first study will report results from research conducted in cooperation (…)  » 

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IntegraGen Genomics launches GeCO – an advanced genomic biostatistical consulting service


IntegraGen Genomics has announced the launch of GeCo, an advanced genomic consulting service which offers statistical support to help researchers analyze and interpret complex genomic data. IntegraGen will offer researchers access to leading experts in the field of biostatistics and bioanalytics and offer support for the advanced and personalized statistical analysis of genomic (…)  »