Epigenomics is the study of modifications in gene regulation and expression that are independent of their sequences. IntegraGen offers a comprehensive range of methylation analysis services using various methods: array-based or high-throughput sequencing (RRBS, MethySeq, MeDIP, ChiP-Seq).

Methylation profiling on a microarray (human)

Illumina’s HumanMethylation 450 microarray is often the most cost-effective tool for the information provided, for most human methylation profiling studies. This microarray interrogates over 450,000 CpG markers across the entire genome.

With hundreds of samples processed each year since 2008, and as the preferred provider of the Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer for the Carte d’Identité des Tumeurs programme, IntegraGen is the provider of choice for your methylation studies.



  • Expertise in the design of methylation research projects, on a microarray or by high-throughput sequencing
  • Support in the handling and biostatistical processing of data
  • Bisulphite treatment included for each of the proposed methods



  • Qualitative and quantitative quality controls for all DNA samples
  • Illumina Certified Service Provider


RRBS – Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing

RRBS is an ideal technique for analysing the methylation profile of a sample using high-throughput sequencing. The technique is based on the enrichment of CG-rich regions of the genome, significantly reducing the quantity of sequences and the associated cost, while allowing exhaustive analysis of the majority of promoters and genomic regions of interest.



  • Preparation of optimised libraries, based on the protocol of Meissner and al.
  • Customer publications available on the results of SBRN studies



  • Expertise in the design of research projects and implementation of analysis plans
  • RRBS protocols optimised for humans and mouses
  • Msp1 digestion or double digestion (eRRBS)
  • Expertise en RRoxBS

We also offer the services of experts to support you in the biostatistical analysis and interpretation of your methylation data via our cutting-edge GeCo (Advanced Genomics Consulting).



  • Conversion rate >99,5%
  • Depth of sequences and coverage guaranteed, project dependent.


Bioinformatics and data analysis

  • The standard output includes raw data and annotated results tables (methylation rates per CpG marker).
  • Primary bioinformatics analysis of the data using the BS-Seeker reference pipeline.
  • The standard output includes the methylation rate per cytosine in the three sequence contexts: CG/CHG/CHH.
  • Advanced statistical analysis of the data is available with our GeCo service (Advanced Genomic Consulting).


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