High-throughput sequencing

Integrating large-scale sequencing into oncology clinical research programmes requires expertise in operating the latest sequencing technologies to routinely generate and analyse high-quality data.

The time between obtaining a tumour sample and making a clinical decision is critical, so the challenge for cancer centres is to implement high-throughput exome and transcriptome sequencing on a routine basis, which meets reproducibility and time constraints:

  • Guaranteed rapid turnaround times from receipt of samples to full data analysis
  • Easy, secure access to analysed data for biologists and clinicians



IntegraGen works closely with institutes to implement a turnkey high-throughput sequencing solution. Since 2014, we have been operating the Gustave Roussy platform to sequence patient exomes and RNA as part of the Institute’s clinical research programmes.

We have the expertise and know-how to implement procedures that will improve the flexibility of your platform while optimising operational costs.



Pharmacogenomics studies the influence of genes on individual response to treatments. Research in this field aims to identify genetic markers to personalise the treatments offered to patients. These markers help to predict the response to treatment for a given individual, to adapt drug doses or to assess the risk of adverse effects.

IntegraGen offers dedicated services for pharmacogenomics research projects:



  • Exome sequencing
  • Targeted sequencing on a panel of genes of interest



  • Expression profiles
  • RNA-seq



  • Association study (GWAS)

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