IntegraGen offers a wide range of DNA sequencing solutions for research into oncology and hereditary diseases.

Exome sequencing

IntegraGen offers a high-end exome sequencing service incorporating the latest available technologies and proprietary software for data analysis. We help our clients identify mutations of interest in rare diseases, complex diseases and cancer.

Exome sequencing enables researchers to target the coding regions of the genome to reduce sequencing, analysis and data storage costs. Analysis capabilities now make it possible to carry out studies on large cohorts.



  • We work with leading researchers in the various fields of human genetics research
    • Rare diseases
    • Complex diseases
    • Oncology
  • We operate an exome and transcriptome sequencing platform for clinical use
  • Our customers do not hesitate to cite us in their publications
  • We have a robust quality management system in place to control each key stage of the sequencing process, and a continuous quality improvement programme for all laboratory protocols and data analysis



  • We are able to handle small quantities of DNA or degraded samples (FFPE)
  • Our turnaround times are constantly being reduced thanks to ongoing investment in the latest technologies:
    • Illumina sequencer
    • Automated laboratory equipment
  • We have the expertise to help you design your research projects
  • We have the skills to help you handle the data and interpret the results



  • The best capture kits for all applications
  • Guaranteed 85% coverage at 25X minimum
    • The guaranteed minimum depth depends on the objective of your project
    • Our standard recommendations: 70X for a constitutional sample and 100X minimum for a tumour sample
    • All special requests are treated with the utmost care
  • Extensive quality controls including positive traceability of your samples


Custom gene panel sequencing

IntegraGen can respond to your specific needs for targeted sequencing to identify low-frequency variants, whether on a custom gene panel or an existing commercial panel. We can help you design your panel, and choose the most appropriate technological approach, to save you time while respecting your budget constraints.



  • Our laboratory has handled thousands of samples since 2010
  • We collaborate with renowned researchers in the various fields of human genetics:
    •  Rare diseases
    •  Complex diseases
    •  Oncology
  • We have the expertise to work with the various capture kits on the market
  • Our customers do not hesitate to cite us in their publications

We have a robust quality management system in place to control every key stage of the sequencing process; and a continuous quality improvement programme for all laboratory and data analysis protocols.



  • We have proven expertise in gene panel design
  • We offer both custom panels and existing commercial panels
  • Our custom panels can be produced using capture or multiplex PCR
  • Commercial panels include solutions and kits from Agilent and Illumina
  • We can process several dozen to hundreds of samples per project, thanks to the automation of key stages
  • We have the skills to help you manage the data and interpret the results


Whole genome sequencing

IntegraGen puts its expertise at your disposal to sequence all types of genome, combining a range of library preparation solutions with the latest sequencing technology from Illumina. We offer tailor-made bioinformatics solutions.


Why choose IntegraGen?

We have validated and optimised various bank preparation solutions:

  • Paired-end libraries
  • PCR-free libraries
  • From small quantities of DNA
  • We have a large high-throughput sequencing capacity on our Illumina NovaSeq X+ platform


Our technical guarantees

  • Systematic quality control of your DNAs on receipt
  • Robust controls at each key stage in the preparation of the library
  • Guaranteed quantity and quality of sequences


Would you like to explore the molecular profiles of ctDNA from liquid biopsies for applications in oncology?

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of using circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in oncology. Find out how we can support your project by reading the dedicated Technical Brief.


BIOINFORMATICS and data analysis

  • Dedicated pipelines for either Mendelian disease analysis or somatic cancer analysis
  • Includes CNV analysis for all your projects
  • Free access to SIRIUS, our online software, to easily filter and analyse variants and genes, and compare samples
  • Access to clinical sequencing results via MERCURY, our proprietary software, which provides quick and easy access to analysis and visualisation of exome and transcriptome results
  • Advanced Data Analysis through our GeCo Service:
    • Mutation signatures and chromosomal aberrations
    • Analysis of signalling pathways


Customer experience

“The FUSAFE-2 study involves a very large population of 3,500 patients with colorectal cancer treated with FP-based chemotherapy. The sequencing of germline DNA, extracted from blood samples, was performed by IntegraGen, a company within the OncoDNA group specialized in genomic services and sequenced data analysis. Despite the large number of samples, IntegraGen successfully completed its part of the project within the allotted time frame. We were impressed by the professionalism of the teams, their services, and the performance of their processes, including the data quality process which includes identity verification controls,” said Dr. Etienne-Grimaldi, Centre Antoine Lacassagne, France.


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