IntegraGen's mission is to translate molecular research into clinical practice through the identification of novel genetic biomarkers and the subsequent commercialization of molecular diagnostic tests based on these discoveries. The company also strives to be a leader in providing cutting-edge genomic services to academic researchers and life sciences companies based on the company's technological expertise and scientific know-how.

A Leader in Genomic Research

Every day there are newer innovations which assist with decoding the human genome to better understand genetic mechanisms which contribute to human diseases. IntegraGen has developed both the expertise and the experience to utilize the newest technologies and apply the latest tools to identify molecular biomarkers and analyze genomic data.


Translating Genetic Research into Everyday Clinical Practice

IntegraGen, in conjunction with academic research partners and expert consultants, have identified and developed biomarkers which can be used as diagnostic tools for oncology. From initial discovery through the completion of clinical validation studies, the company is identifying how these molecular diagnostic tools can enable clinicians to improve the care of their patients.


Contributing to Scientific Research

With IntegraGen’s scientific knowledge of bioinformatics and technological know-how, the company has become a leader in molecular genetics. At the heart of the company exists a network of geneticists, clinicians and biostatisticians who have mastered the most advanced genomic technologies, involving both the sequencing and genotyping of DNA and RNA. IntegraGen researchers have authored or co-authored numerous scientific publications as a result of company-sponsored research projects, collaborative research initiatives with external researchers, and contracted research projects conducted for academic and commercial partners.


A Leader in Clinical Genomics

As a result of IntegraGen’s experience and ability to deliver high-quality results from the latest generation of high-throughput sequencing platforms, the company has begun to partner with world-renowned institutions and run their clinical sequencing platforms in order to increase efficiency while optimizing the operational costs of these systems.