• Significant increase in services delivered by SeqOIA and the Mutualized Microbiology (P2M) platform operated on behalf of the Institut Pasteur
  • Stability of sequencing services provided by the Evry laboratory

EVRY, FRANCE, FRIDAY 14 JANUARY 2021, 7.30 – IntegraGen (FR0010908723 – ALINT – Eligible PEA PME), an OncoDNA group company specializing in the genomics of cancer and rare genetic diseases, which performs interpretable genomic analyses for academic and private laboratories, announced today its unaudited revenue figures for the year 2021.

The 2021 unaudited annual turnover amounts to €10.9m, a 21% increase compared to 2020 (€9m). This amount does not include the recharge of personnel costs to the parent company.

The growth is mainly generated by revenues coming from the partnership with the “Groupement Coopératif de Santé” (GCS) SeqOIA following the acceleration of patient sequencing and the expansion of indications. The Mutualized Microbiology (P2M) platform operated for the Institut Pasteur has been especially active in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the needs for variant sequencing, resulting in a doubling of volumes compared to 2020. Services provided by the Evry laboratory were stable over the period, especially due to relatively low activity in the first half, offset by an acceleration in the second. Finally, the bioinformatics software segment shows a slight decrease as a result of less prospecting efforts due to the pandemic.

Cash flow amounted to €4.8m on December 31st, 2021 compared to €5.1m at the end of 2020. Excluding non-recurring items, the company generated positive operating cash flow for the whole year. This position includes a State Guaranteed Loan (PGE) of €1.8m granted in 2020 as part of the pandemic and for which the repayment began in 2021.

Growth outlooks are confirmed thanks to the increased order book at the end of 2021, multi-year contracts in place and revenue synergies following the finalized integration of IntegraGen within the OncoDNA Group.

Bernard Courtieu, CEO of IntegraGen, stated: “In the delicate context of the pandemic, in particular for activities related to oncology, and the integration of IntegraGen within the OncoDNA Group, we are particularly proud to announce a new double-digit growth for IntegraGen’s turnover in 2021. This growth in activities is coupled with growth in the order book; the business outlook therefore allows us to look to 2022 with confidence and ambition. Once again this year, I would like to give a special thank you to all the employees and partners of the company, thanks to whom we exceeded, for the first time, the threshold of ten million euros in turnover“.

The financial results for 2021 will be published on April 24th 2022.

About IntegraGen

IntegraGen is an OncoDNA group company specializing in the genomics of cancer and rare genetic diseases. Backed by highly competent and qualified teams, IntegraGen is a leading player in DNA sequencing services and genomic data interpretation software. The company runs one of the largest NGS labs in France and operates for research institutes of excellence. As part of OncoDNA group, IntegraGen leverages the power of next generation sequencing with the mission of delivering the promise of precision medicine to patients. IntegraGen has approximately 55 employees and generated €10.9 million in revenue in 2021. Based in France, IntegraGen is also present in the United States and is part of the OncoDNA group which works with an international network of 35 distributors. The Group also provides biomarker testing and clinical interpretation tools to guide treatment and monitoring of late-stage solid tumors and accelerate the development of new cancer drugs.

IntegraGen is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris (ISIN: FR0010908723 – Mnemo: ALINT – Eligible PEA- PME).

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