OncoXPLORE, a comprehensive cancer gene panel test for the exploration of solid tumors

On the occasion of the World Cancer Research Day, OncoDNA proudly announces the launch of its latest genomic solution for cancer research, OncoXPLORE. OncoDNA has long been a strong supporter of cancer research. Through a variety of high throughput, molecular profiling and data analysis services, the company helps drive innovation in cancer research, in the hope of slowing the progression of the disease, improving survival rates and quality of life for cancer patients.

With OncoXPLORE, OncoDNA aims to support the development of new cancer drug targets, enabling researchers to explore, assess and validate new biomarkers as well as to accelerate patient recruitment and maximize patient stratification for your clinical trials in a simple and cost-efficient manner.

The pan-cancer test utilizes next-generation sequencing for the exploration of all stage 3 and stage 4 solid tumors. It targets a very large panel of genes that are known to be associated with cancer and evaluates important biomarkers and tumoral information for precision oncology studies, such as tumor mutational burden (TMB), homologous repair deficiency (HRD), microsatellite instability (MSI), somatic mutations in relevant genes (SNV, In/Del), and loss of heterozygosity (cnLOH).

By targeting a comprehensive cancer gene panel, OncoDNA aims to facilitate tumor characterization and biomarker validation in a fast, accurate and accessible manner, offering a deeper gene coverage and generating a more manageable amount of data compared to whole genome sequencing or whole exome sequencing. Not to mention that the solution will also help researchers navigate through the NGS data via MERCURY, an interactive and secure software. The cloud-based application provides users access to exhaustive annotations, integrates DNA and RNA sequencing data and facilitates the creation of customized reports.

OncoXPLORE is the very first solution that combines OncoDNA’s deep knowledge in precision oncology with the robust NGS expertise and advanced data exploration tool of IntegraGen. IntegraGen is an OncoDNA group company since December 2020. Backed by highly competent teams of scientists, IntegraGen is a leading player in genomic services which has over 10 years of experience with next-generation sequencing and is in the process of being ISO/IEC 17025 certified.