Following its acquisition by OncoDNA, IntegraGen has been given a brand new look and is ready to take on new projects in the fields of cancer and genetic diseases.

Since the successful takeover in November 2020, IntegraGen has been working hand in hand with OncoDNA towards the consolidation of their teams and services. The acquisition brought together two companies of complementary expertise. While IntegraGen is a leading player in DNA sequencing, OncoDNA is a world-renown company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of cancer. The company provides comprehensive biomarker tests to guide data-driven clinical decision and bring the most relevant therapy to patients. It also offers liquid biopsy tests to ensure proper monitoring of patients’ response to treatment and their disease progression. Since its creation in 2012, OncoDNA has been disrupting technology innovation in molecular profiling and has been recognized for its continuous exponential growth.

As part of the OncoDNA group, IntegraGen will leverage the power of next generation sequencing to facilitate the translation of therapeutic innovation to the clinics and have greater impact on patient care. The acquisition positions OncoDNA and IntegraGen as the European leader in precision medicine. It made it possible to create a unique, highly integrated portfolio that addresses the needs of the whole value chain – from translational research and drug development to patient treatment and monitoring.

By the numbers

  • An experienced team of over 100 employees, including geneticists, clinical practitioners, and biostatisticians that are there to support your projects
  • A track record of molecular profiling and clinical recommendations for 60,000 cancer patients
  • Our proprietary database of over 4,500,000 genetic variants, 1150 cancer drugs, data from 7,000 clinical trials
  • 2 subcontracted laboratories in Europe and the US
  • An international presence in over 50 countries
  • A pioneer in comprehensive biomarker testing (2014) and liquid biopsy (2016)