Galiléo is a cloud-based app for dynamic exporation of RNA-Seq expression data.

  • Navigate intuitively into RNA-seq gene expression profile data
  • Perform rapidly differential gene expression analysis
  •  Generate tables and figures for publications – also includes the ability to modify scale and color
  •  Reannotate and reanalyze your data as you wish – add or remove samples from existing projects
    and reanalyze, as desired.


Analysis pipelines based on cutting edge algorithms

The analysis pipelines in Galileo have been developed by leading experts in the field of biostatistics and bioanalytics with advanced expertise in the analysis of genomic data. Pipelines are regularly updated.


Galileo offers several different modules for your analysis:


  •        RNA-Seq QC general metrics
  •        Pairwise comparison
  •        Gene-by-gene expression
  •        PCA, unsupervised clustering analyses
  •        Differential gene expression and gene set enrichment analysis



Interested in finding out how Galiléo can help you visualize and analyze complex expression data from RNA-seq experiments? Watch our dedicated webinars and schedule a demo with our experts to discuss your project.

Webinar (FR): “Galileo: Analysez vos données d’expression de RNA-seq de manière autonome et interactive”

Webinar (FR): “Analyse d’expression de données RNA-Seq: Cas d’usage de Galiléo”




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