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Assises de Génétique à Rennes

Rendez-nous visite à Rennes lors des prochaines Assises de Génétique qui auront lieu du 1er au 4 février 2022. C’est sur le stand n°20 que nous vous accueillerons avec le plus grand des plaisirs.

Les prises de rendez-vous et inscriptions à notre atelier-déjeuner “Après l’ère du séquençage ciblé, les solutions (…)  » 

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Interview with CEO Bernard Courtieu

Bernard Courtieu CEO OncoDNA

Ditsa Keren is a technology blogger and entrepreneur with a strong passion for biology, ecology and the environment. She spoke to our CEO Bernard Courtieu to hear about the latest advancements in precision medicine and the promise we bring to oncology physicians and researchers.

Discover the entire interview on (…)  » 

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New NGS solution for cancer research

OncoXPLORE, a comprehensive cancer gene panel test for the exploration of solid tumors

On the occasion of the World Cancer Research Day, OncoDNA proudly announces the launch of its latest genomic solution for cancer research, OncoXPLORE. OncoDNA has long been a strong supporter of cancer research. Through a (…)  » 

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Technical Brief: Low-Pass Whole Genome Sequencing – Getting more from less

LP-WGS analysis of liquid biopsies (ctDNA) for oncology applications Background

Analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) offers great opportunities for cancer research and patient care. There are multiple applications and benefits associated with studying ctDNA including the ability to identify tumor heterogeneity and the detection of somatic mutations unidentified following (…)  »